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Wouldn’t it be great to have a place where we can having interesting conversations about reading and writing and creativity in general? Serious and playful - I refuse to accept these are mutually exclusive. Please do join in so I’m not just talking to myself!

My aim is to write about all aspects of writing, and obviously that includes reading. My favourite genre is crime, but I love all fiction and may sometimes include non-fiction too.

I’m planning weekly posts - but I live with a chronic illness so I can’t promise it will be that regular. Sometimes the emails may be more frequent but they will never overload your inbox.



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Pull up a chair, bring cake and coffee - or your snack and beverage of choice.

Then let’s talk books and writing.

And let the murders begin…or maybe there’ll be romance, future history or ancient. Maybe space travel, telepaths and dragons.

As well as reading all genres, we can also talk about the trials and tribulations and sheer fun of writing them too.

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